cmi capabilities

CMI Provides Solutions for Your Requirements

Our core focus areas include business and markets management, governance,democracy, rule of law and other legal services, human rights and other civil liberties and social advocacy services, public administration, economic growth and investments, financial systems management, export and import trade, resource management and the environment, health care, transportation systems, communications, strategic and public awareness services, information technology, knowledge management and computing systems, professional and technical support services and solutions, evaluations, assessments and monitoring, education, organizational learning, training and performance enhancement, grants and programs administration, focused research, capacity building, strengthening sustainable international development programs,organizations and policies, innovative management consulting and technical assistance and planning.

Our programs address critical needs and issues affecting the global community that include governance and law, elections and elections monitoring, democracy promotion, advancing governance and democratic rights, providing technical assistance to election institutions and officials, empower underrepresented groups to fully participate in the political process, apply field-based research to improve electoral systems, economic development, women empowerment and environmental support services. Our work is across all sectors of international development and diplomacy especially in the areas of economic growth and development, investments, export and import trade, democracy and governance, health and education, gender and youth, the environment, peace building, international security and diplomacy.

Our Approach
CMI has a rigorous approach to solving complex challenges. CMI designs and directs innovative economic growth strategies to assist countries and businesses to effectively compete in the global economy, reduce poverty and raise standards of living around the world. CMI specially designs and delivers educational support, training and capacity building programs tailored to the specific needs of each client. CMI is a mission-driven global leader in research and program implementation in the fields of international development, economic, social and environmental policy as well as building effective governance and institutions. 
Our specialties and expertise extends to education, economic growth, health care, democratic institutions and stabilization. 

Targeted Solutions

CMI provides targeted solutions in selective areas where our technical expertise is well suited to meet the needs of our clients. As an international development company CMI provides management consulting services, human and institutional development to public and private sector clients in the areas of trade facilitation, public financial management, customs, duties and tariffs, export and import trade, procurement, strategic logistic management services and strengthening of  health care systems especially in developing countries. We provide direct echnical assistance, capacity building and development and procurement to stimulate economic growth, foster and institute sustainable good governance and improve health care outcomes around the world. CMI partners with public and private sector clients to deliver professional services and technology solutions in social programs, infrastructure, energy, consumer and public safety markets. CMI combines industry expertise and innovative analysis to produce compelling results traced through the entire program lifecycle. Our solutions enable our clients to maximize returns, growth and development.


CMI utilizes the best and current scientific methodologies available to introduce the most effective ideas and approaches to provide better service to its clients. We apply a combination of inter-disciplinary, technical and management approaches to identify, develop and implement the most effective solutions in support of programs and goals of our clients. CMI is specialized in market-led solutions to development challenges and problems around the world including expertise and other on the ground resources to optimize continuing cost effective results. CMI is known for its unique approaches to partnerships and capacity building with a commitment to learning and continuous improvement.  

We Deliver Solutions

CMI delivers hands-on assistance to improve production and other strategies for corporate and industrial growth and development. Our experts help all sizes of businesses and industries to embrace competence in trade practices and provide prudent advice and counsel on public policies affecting their business. We help businesses adapt to new trade approaches and flows while assisting governments devise effective business policies, fiscal trade, labor and economic integration.